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DAY 1 - Confidence Foundation

Create a solid foundation with the strategies, tools and best practices you need to build confidence in your industry so you can smash through any social anxiety, connect with others, and truly be yourself around anyone.

Featured Free Speaker:

Joel Neoh, Founder Of Fave, Asia's Top CEO Of The Year 2018

How Do You Prepare To Pitch Your Idea Confidently & Convincingly To Investors?

What You'll Learn:

-Criteria to know BEFORE you choose your investor; Having the wrong investor is like being with the wrong long term partner
- How to start your pitch off with a bang within the first 2 Slides to grab your audience's attention
- How to face questions and comments from investors and customers eager to get on board with what you’re selling

jairek robbins, performance coach and speaker

How To 10X Your Momentum To Overcome Rejections & Win More Fans

What You'll Learn: 

-One powerful practice that helps you to have absolute clarity in life.
- Productivity Hack: How to get 10X more work done by doing less
- ONE deadly mistake make that stops you from achieving the success you truly desire.

Stuart Tan, asia's #1 NLP Master Trainer from Singapore 

How Do You Raise Your Confidence To Speak In Public, Especially In Highly Pressurized Environments?

What You'll Learn:

- Why there's no failure, only feedback.
- How you're able to manipulate your own state by changing your perspective
- How to overcome your own limiting beliefs and achieve a breakthrough!

cynthia zhai, voice & Speech Coach for Google Asia Pacific 

How To Improve Both Voice & Mental Blocks

What You'll Learn:

- How to be engaging in conversations by using voice your "stomach voice"
- How to project your authentic voice to be seen as being genuine in conversations.
- How to voice concerns without seeming negative.

Simon raybould, Founder of Aware Plus (Presentation Genius) 

How To Deal With Your Nerves Before a Presentation

What You'll Learn:

- An effective practice to do if you're constantly feeling nervous.
- Why feeling nervous is not necessarily a negative emotion.
- How to focus on the things that are within your control and letting go of things that are outside of your control.

Connie Pheiff, Founder Of Pheiff Group And Talent Concierge

How Do You Develop Your Confidence & Charisma To Become A 6-Figure Public Speaker?

What You'll Learn:

- Why confidence starts when you embrace the gift you already have
- How to be self aware and pull yourself out of your negative mindset 
- How to connect with your audience & talk to your community effectively

cyriel kortleven, generated 51,738 ideas in brainstorming sessions

How To Face Your Fears With Self-Confidence

What You'll Learn:

- How to increase confidence that allows you to unleash 100% of your potential
- How to develop an environment where "No Idea is a Bad Idea".
- How to leverage on creativity to grow your career. 

jan smekjal, Founder of The Dinner, Ran the world's largest entrepreneur community in china and aPAC

How To Master The Art Of Building Long-Lasting Relationships

What You'll Learn:

- How to be genuine in networking with anyone in any situation.
- Practical guidelines in creating meaningful conversations that leads where you want it to.
- Practical ways to build & expand your LinkedIn Network as a beginner.

Freda liu, lead producer at bFM

How Do You Unlock Your Golden Voice To Influence A Lot Of People?

What You'll Learn:

- Effective strategies to manage your emotions when connecting with authority figure.
- How to enhance your personal charisma simply by being genuine.
- Strategies on how to stand up for what you truly believe in.

david Chua, hollywood influencer and music composer

How Do You Convince Hollywood A-Listers to Work With You, Despite Being Young & Seemingly Inexperienced?

What You'll Learn:

- The MOST important mindset that determine if you make it or break it.
- How to intentionally add value to others even without a position or title.
- Characteristic that influential individuals have, allowing them network with anyone.

jonathan Low, global guru Top 30 Hospitality Leader & Expert

How To Be Trustworthy And Inspiring (On Video And In Person)

What You'll Learn:

- How to always be in the state of readiness!
- How to build a trusted relationships that works both ways
- Mastering the Art of Inspiring Others & promoting abundance mindset.

Featured Free Speaker:

Terence Teoh, Founder Of Beyond Insights

How do You Conquer the Fear & the Pain of Losing Money & Continue Winning Big!

What You'll Learn:

- How to properly manage your reality to overcome your fear.
- Developing a system that increases your probability of achieving success even if you are a beginner in it.
- Why it is important to determine the winning criteria in everything that you do.

DAY 2 - Charisma Mastery

Learn the "Art of Magnetic Charisma", proven techniques you can use to master small talk and create amazing conversations that naturally draw others to you

Sam Tsui, American Singer & Influencer With 3M Subscribers On YouTube

How Do You Build 3M Followers on Social Media?

What You'll Learn:

- Why innate charisma is a myth - and how anyone can develop it
- How to stand out amongst the midst of millions of other influencers 
- How to build a social media following when you have 0 followers

Featured Free Speaker:

Bryan Loo, Founder Of Tealive - Fastest Growing Bubble Tea Chain In Malaysia 

How To Build A Powerful Personal Brand With Thousands of Raving Fans

What You'll Learn:

- What does it mean to stay humble & not let success go to your head. 
- Methods to discover your true passion in life.
- How to leverage on the influence of social media to attract the right customers.

Vince Tan, CEO Of Shock Media Studio, Asia's Fastest Growing Digital Agency

How To Close Million Dollar Sales Among Hundreds of People

What You'll Learn:

- How to connect with your audience with stories that will get them hooked onto every word you're saying
- How to trigger your audiences emotional state that will get them to buy
- One key to success that 80% of people are NOT willing to do, that makes all the difference

ryan foland, top personal branding expert by Entrepreneur magazine

How Saying Less Can Help Your Team Sell More

What You'll Learn:

- Mastering the first 60 seconds of self introduction to capture the attention of your audience for the rest of the presentation.
- Strategies to develop the right mindset to get out of any situation
- How to effectively offer your solutions to the right audience.

jane anderson, top 30 branding global guru

Expert To Influencer: 12 Key Skills To Attract New Clients, Increase Sales, And Leverage Your Personal Brand To Become An Industry Leader

What You'll Learn:

- How influencers are the centre for change in the digital world. 
- 12 Ways to connect & create memorable interactions and experiences with anyone.
- How to empathize with your customers and team members to lead effectively

jack Wong, Founder of speedclosers - a high-ticket closers team

How Do You Sell To Anyone At Any Time?

What You'll Learn:

- How to "read" people and connect with them immediately to get them to buy in to you.
- ​Understanding prospect's reactions to increase probability of closing a sale. 
- How to exponentially increase your closing rate by mastering just ONE skill.  

melvin soh, mastermind Marketer behind some of asia's most well-respected speaker and Entrepreneurs 

The Magical Art Of Making Clients Fall Deeply In Love With You ... And Desire You As Their One And Only

What You'll Learn:

- Understanding the truth behind Charisma; what makes some people likable & respected
- The 5 Step-process to create a Attractive Personality EVEN if you don't think you have one
- How to be connect with anyone in a genuine manner so you don't appear fake

tonya hofmann, CEO & Founder of Public speakers Association

How To Transform Strangers Into Leveraged Relationships Through Media?

What You'll Learn:

- ​​How to impress yourself!
- How to be confident about yourself in a world full of judgments. 
- How to be unique and stand out even if you think you're ordinary. 

christi ratcliff, Certified 'how to fascinate' trainer

How To Make Your Personal Brand Impossible to Resist

What You'll Learn:

- Branding 101: Become more of yourself online
- Understanding how an individual functions (his/her language of fascination)
- How to surround yourself with team members that complement your weakness

Rob Beisenbach, Former VP of ogilvy PR (the Best Digital Consultancy in the world), appeared in over 200 stage & commercial productions

How To Use Stories To Power Your Communication

What You'll Learn:

- The ONE common thing that confident and successful individuals do.
- Finding & crafting your own authentic story that allows you to stand out. 
- How to improve your business through connecting, understanding and reading others. 

kevin e. west, entrepreneur, actor TV personality, comedian

How Do You Stand Out & Make An Impression on Hollywood Mega-Stars?

What You'll Learn:

- Which one should be your main focus: Process vs Outcome? 
- How to bounce back from setbacks using the shortest possible time.
- How to leverage on your fears to master anything in life. 

Featured Free Speaker:

Andreas Vogiatzakis, Group CEO Of Star Media Group 

How can CEOs & Entrepreneurs become More Creative in Telling Their Stories to Persuade People?

What You'll Learn:

- Crafting a message that will effectively persuade and influence others.
- What does it mean to have Charisma as a leader in an organization.
- Secrets to earn respect from anyone, even if you're not an authority figure. 

Featured Free Speaker:

Eric Feng , Sales Strategist And Motivational Speaker (Featured Free Speaker)

How do You Develop an Instantly Like-able Charisma that Help You Grow Your Sales?

What You'll Learn:

- One untold secret to create raving fans. 
- How to significantly increase your closing rates just by focusing on the RIGHT things. 
- How to level up your confidence and achieve your desired target sales. 

DAY 3 - Career Accelerations

Equip yourself with powerful leadership skills and traits as you accelerate your career while being recognized as a well-respected, sought-after leader.

Featured Free Speaker:

Azwan Baharuddin, MD Of Accenture 

How Do You Make & Pitch Your Ideas to Be Highly Valuable & Sellable? 

What You'll Learn:

- Tips & steps to give short introductions
- Why it is critical to use simple vocabulary
- How to approach with the intention of helping, not just to sell 

Dato' Seri Mohamed Azahari KamilGroup MD Of QSR Brands (KFC, Pizza Hut & Ayamas)

How To Powerfully Influence Others Through Leadership

What You'll Learn:

- The 1 personal pursuit you must embrace in order to have the respect of all who desire to follow you
- The 3 ingredients for personal leadership you must possess
- The greatest example of a true leader and how you can embrace it

Featured Free Speaker:
Datuk Mark Rozario, CEO Of General Electric Malaysia 

What Does A Fortune 500 Leader Look For In Winning Presentations & Pitches From Their Employees?

What You'll Learn:

- Learn how to pitch winning presentations to your bosses (can even be used to negotiate for a higher salary)
- Top 3 Leadership Traits that Fortune 500 CEOs look for
- How can leaders influence and bring teams together effectively

Clinton senkow, 2-Time g20 young Entrepreneurs alliance from canada

How Millennials Can Innovate & Influence Within Their Job

What You'll Learn:

- Why playing sports can improve your performance when working in a team.
- Turning a negative lose into a positive learning.
- The importance of focusing on one task at a time. 

Featured Free Speaker:
Ashok Ramachandran, CEO Of Schindler India And South Asia

What To Do To Become One Of The Youngest & Most Influential CEOs Of A Fortune 500 Company

What You'll Learn:

- How being humble will take you further than only hard work
- How to be proactive and be recognized by your superior
- One fundamental secret to create a culture of trust within your team that most people miss out on

kenneth kwan, Conferred highest designation by national speakers association

How Leaders Can Create Small Steps For Big Change

What You'll Learn:

- Developing unshakable confidence through baby steps.
- How to use deliberate practice to master ANY skill. 
- Secrets to achieving true empowerment.

david dye & karin hurt, Inc's 100 great leadership speakers

How To Master The Art Of Having Tough Conversations

What You'll Learn:

- Why it's ok to be vulnerable at times and speak up for what you stand for
- How to frame and setup an important meeting
- Take initiative to follow up with others to keep yourself at the top of the mind of those who matters. 

martin laschkolnig, past president of the german speakers association

How Do You Lead & Manage People in A Stress-Free Way?

What You'll Learn:

- How to turn Crisis into a Great Opportunity
- How self awareness can help you to be more resilient
- How to Learn Faster and Shortcut Your Learning Curve to Success

paul larsen, current member of forbes coaches council

How Do You Find Your Voice As A Leader In Today's Digitized World?

What You'll Learn:

- The two key elements in life that makes you who you truly are.
- Exercise to help you find your voice and discover yourself so you can be unique and stand out from everyone else.
- Discovering what you truly stand for in this world of different values.

martin limbeck, dubbed the 'porsche of sales'

How To Overcome Obstacles And Reach The Top

What You'll Learn:

- How to turn failure into opportunity!
- How to make the client like you during your first meeting.
- How to adapt to to the fast-changing sales environment and still stay at the top of the game.

elanjelian venugopal, CEO of hRDF

Leading From The Heart, Where Employees Come First

What You'll Learn:

- How to sell a vision and have people agree on a common purpose and goal
- How to earn credibility and leverage on it.
- The ULTIMATE growth hack to lead effectively.

Zhi Ee, Founder and CEO of Monsta Asia

How do You Persuade the Youths & Students to Work For You, Loyally & with Determination

What You'll Learn:

- The secret formula for leaders to effectively manage youths. 
- How to build genuine relationships with anyone we meet and create a lasting connection.
- Strategies for brands to engage and connect with the youths today. 

Featured Free Speaker:
Gan Leong Hin, CEO Of Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad, Malaysia's Leading Insurer 

How do You Create an Award-Winning Team & Business Culture 

What You'll Learn:

- The importance of figuring out what we truly stand for.
- How organizations can achieve sustainable success and to be future-ready.
- Leadership that goes beyond a title and position.  

Featured Free Speaker:
Paul Madero, Asia Pacific VP Oilfield Services Of Baker Hughes

How to Lead and Develop Others With Confidence 

What You'll Learn:

- How to get successful individuals to be your mentor.
- The importance of mastering the art of communication in our daily life. 
- How to stay on top of your game at work. 

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